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Our services

We offer

  • a range of methods for online learning
  • extensive materials
  • writing support (articles, papers)
  • proofreading

Experienced lecturers teach German for

  • beginners
  • advanced learners
  • anyone who wants to take up German again


  • German for your travels
  • German for the job
  • German for academics and scientists
  • Business German
  • Everyday German

Conversation (personalized topics)

Grammar (personalized topics)

Exam preparation

  • DSH
  • Test DaF
  • TELC exams (e.g. Zertifikat Deutsch, Zertifikat Deutsch für den Beruf)
  • Abitur preparation

Writing, proofreading and correction of texts

  • Letters
  • Essays, articles
  • Academic / scientific papers

German for literature aficionados (personalized topics)